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A free and fan-made Sonic game

Sonic Smackdown is a free action-packed 2D video game that you can download on your Windows PC.

Designed by a fan of the popular Sonic franchise, Smackdown features high-end graphics, memorable characters, and note-worthy combats. The background music adds to the overall ambiance and is apt for when you beat an opponent. While the installation of the game may take some time, it doesn't matter. 

If you're looking for a gaming experience that rivals conventional Sonic games, this is one worth checking out. 

What is Sonic Smackdown?

One of the most popular action game franchises is Sonic the Hedgehog. The Sonic game series began as a platform video game and later transitioned into a one-on-one action game, followed by a racing game, and later into a full-fledged fighting game. Since most of these games weren’t executed well, fans of the Sonic series took it upon themselves to put together a different yet well-designed title. 

Sonic Smackdown download is one such 2D fighting video game developed by a Sonic series fan. Designed to educate the developers, the game takes its inspiration from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. However, it does feature memorable characters from the original Sonic the Hedgehog series. Users can augment characters, unleash burst moves, and activate special moves.

What is the gameplay of Sonic Smackdown?

The gameplay of this free download for PC  finds its inspìration in Marvel vs. Capcom, one of the best fighting games to have ever been designed. To start playing, you must choose between three game modes - classic, entertainment, and versus. If you select the classic option, you need to choose a Sonic character and then fight and destroy all other characters before reaching the final opponent. 

The entertainment mode has been designed for users who have never played a Sonic game before. They can use this mode to learn the moves of each character and play the game for fun. Sonic Smackdown’s versus mode lets players play the game with another player on the same desktop. Users who have played the Capcom game series will feel instantly at home when they open up Smackdown. 

Does Sonic Smackdown have good graphics?

Sonic Smackdown download is a 2D fighting game with high-end graphics and many sound effects. The game uses cell-shading technology to give characters a cartoonish look while retaining fluid movements and singular playstyle. The game also features sound effects from both old and new Sonic games, so you can feel a bit of nostalgia for other game series.  

Does Smackdown include Sonic characters?

Sonic Smackdown has a roster of eight prominent characters, including the protagonist Sonic, Blaze, Knuckles, Shadow, Tails, Rouge Metal Sonic, and Mecha Sonic. 

Similar to Tekken, each character has its own style and abilities. Players can, however, augment jumps, kicks, bursts, and special moves using different controls. To win, you must learn to fight with one character and destroy all others. 

Does Sonic Smackdown work well on PC?

One of the most prominent factors of a Sonic game is that it offers super-fast combat. When you finish downloading the game, you start playing it using your mouse or keyboard. While that is alright, the best way to make the most of this title is to use a gamepad. 

Are there any Sonic Smackdown alternatives?

Sonic Smackdown is the ultimate fighting game featuring beloved Sonic characters. The game is a step up from mainstream games developed under the Sonic franchise. Considering that the Sonic series covers multiple gaming genres, its best alternatives are Grand Theft Auto V, Freedom Fighters, and Project IGI

A fighting game like no other! 

Developed by a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog series, Sonic Smackdown is a 2D fighting game featuring excellent combat and memorable Sonic characters like Knuckles, Tails, and Metal Sonic. The free download for PC comes with three game modes - classic, versus, and entertainment. The classic gameplay requires players to choose a character to fight and destroy other characters. 

Players can use the versus mode to fight against other players on the same computer. The last option is entertainment, where you can practice and learn the skill and play styles of different characters. Apart from engaging gameplay, Sonic Smackdown also features high-end graphics and sound effects. Once launched, Sonic Smackdown offers super-fast battles and hours of fun


  • Inspired by one of the best fighting games
  • Features three gaming modes
  • Has high-end graphics and sound effects
  • Offers hours of entertainment


  • Installation may take a while

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Sonic Smackdown for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V definitive
  • 4.4

  • (47)
  • Security Status

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